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Range Construction Status

Updated 10/20/21:

We have now reopened all of the original ranges, We expect the new ranges to officially open by Saturday. We will be sending a copy of the rules for the new ranges to everyone this week. The final write up will be done and added to the club manual soon.

There will also be some changes to the original ranges as well. I believe that all will be very happy about the new update.

So, please start using the updated ranges immediately and the new ranges this weekend. If you see Shawn McGee, please thank him the the hard work supervising the changes to the new ranges. All of the ranges now exceed NRA specification for backstops. We added to the 100 yard range and will have more target stand and shooting location in place soon.

Please be proud of your club as it has transformed into one of the best private clubs in Ohio


Jack Justice

MSC President

Dedicated to family and the outdoor life

Since 1947 the Miamisburg Sportsmen's Club, a private club, has been providing the means and facilities for the promotion of  the outdoor sports in many different disciplines. 

The Club provides instruction and the promotion of scientific methods in outdoor sports, for promoting high standards of sportsmanship afield, for instruction in and promotion of sound policies of conservation and restoration of natural resources, and for the recreation and amusement of its members and guests.


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  • MSC is a private club.   
  • ALL new members are required to have a TWO member sponsors on their application.
  • Prospective members are required to find their own sponsors.
  • If you do not know a member, you may want to ask around at shooting events, etc.
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