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Monday Night Fun League, gives you the opportunity to shoot in a USPSA style event, but more relaxed. This is shot in the indoor range on Monday nights. We start to set up at approximately 3pm with the first group of shooters starting to shoot at approximately 4 pm. The first group are the people who assist in setting up the course of fire the night. The last group of shooters remain until all shooters are done and then assists in tearing down and putting away the stage props for the evening.

This is a cold range, you cannot handle firearm unless you are either at the safety table or under control of the RO. Otherwise it MUST remain in gun bag or holster. PCC, must be flagged when not on firing line, you can remove from your carry case and store on the rifle rack provided, until you are called to firing fine

We shoot in squads of eight shooters, exception is if more than eight assist in set up all of them are in first squad. Additional squads are created in the order of arrival and sign up for the night, final squad of the night might have addition shooters if not enough to form another squad

We always adhere to the MSC Safety Policy and rules first and then to USPSA rules. But this not a USPSA sanctioned event, this allows us to adopt our own policies to allow more shooters and style of firearm. We allow Rimfire rifle and pistols, no holster required for rimfire, you start from a Low Ready position, gun bag is required. If you are new and want to try this sport, we will allow you to shoot a centerfire pistol from Low Ready and not use a holster for a limited time. BUT, you must have a gun bag to contain weapon until you are on the firing line and under control of the RO. You also need a method to carry additional magazines as need, pocket carry is acceptable.

Everyone is welcome to come out to the range and just observe if you wish, great opportunity to see if you have an interest in participation. All you will need to observe, is Eye and Hearing protection, and follow any instructions given for safety.

We look forward to seeing you on the range.

2024-2025 Scheduled Dates

Dates have not yet been announced

For additional information, contact;

Don McMurray


Phone or text 513.378.9459

We have established the following Cold Weather Policy

If it is going to be too cold, we are not going to have a match, We believe when it gets really cold, there is a safety issue, folks trying to shoot with super cold hands.   In addition, it takes the fun out of shooting and it is the Monday Night Fun Shoot. So, if it is going to be 25 or less at 6:00 PM, we will cancel the match.   

Here is how it will work: Monday morning between 7 and 9 AM, we will verify the hourly Dayton forecast for 6:00 PM on We will do our best to notify by email as early as possible. If it is forecast to be 25 or below, the match will be cancelled. We will send out a quick email when we cancel, but you can and should check yourself.

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